Introducing the Dream Serenade COVID Summer Family Relief Bursary!

Dream Serenade logoDear Dream Serenade families,

We know this is a challenging time for you all. In an effort to better support the immediate needs you are facing we have made some important changes to the Dream Serenade year-round funding efforts including the upcoming Summer Bursary program.

This year, the program will be replaced by the newly created Dream Serenade COVID Summer Family Relief Bursary of $500 per recipient family to assist with expenses related to food, caregiving, supplies and equipment needed during this time.

To streamline this process, we are pleased to announce that the 100 families that received the Summer Bursary last year will automatically receive the new COVID Summer Family Relief Bursary with NO new application required. All we need from you is your up-to-date mailing address and the name of the school your child attends so we can send the $500 cheque in the mail. Recipients will be contacted over the next couple of weeks by the Dream Serenade coordinator to confirm this information.

Last month, a $5000 contribution focused on families within our community schools was made by Dream Serenade to the Food for Kids-COVID Response program organized by the Toronto Foundation for Student Success. These recipients will also be eligible for the upcoming automatic Summer Family Relief Bursary with no new application. New families that do not fall within either of these previous parameters will be able to apply for the Dream Serenade COVID Summer Family Relief Bursary with an online application available through the Dream Serenade website in June.

We will continue to strive to support and celebrate the Toronto community of children with developmental and/or physical disabilities and their caregivers. If you have any questions or suggestions on efforts moving forward, you can always reach us at

Wishing you and your family all the best in these challenging times,
The Dream Serenade Team